Are you participating in the opening ceremony?!

When> july 24th

Where> The Dome

and livestream via

What> Obstacle course

During the ceremony, we’ll tell you about the coming year and our partners. We open with special guests. Directly afterward is the first discipline of the Games! Every district sends one athletic participant who’s good with a ball and has some brains. It’s the first option to score points for the district team!

The Houten Games in a nutshell

Sport, culture & Creativity

The Houten Games are an event where the neighborhoods in Houten battle against each other in all sorts of sporty, cultural, and surprising disciplines.

Everyone is in

Yound, old, man, woman, fit, or creative; everyone gets the opportunity to show the best side of themselves! Participation and access is completely free thanks to our partners and sponsors!

Local clubs & companies

The event is organized by Stichting Houtense Spelen in collaboration with local associations, clubs, and companies.

We'll start this summer!

Saturday July 24th, The Houten Games will open with a ceremony and the first discipline. During the year, new disciplines will follow. This year is still corona proof, next year will be more interactive!

It begins very soon!

We’ll start the Houten Games Saturday July 24th, 2021 with a big opening event

De livestream is open!

This is how it works

It’ll be a year full of fun events! Together with your neighborhood, you’ll cheer for your team. Suddenly, you see your neighbors in a completely different light and risk getting to know new people…

For every discipline, the district chooses their best participants

The district captains decide who participates in which discipline. In total, every district will send around 25-50 participates. The organization will help the district captains making the teams complete.

The district team that has scored the most points, in the end, is the champion

The higher the team ends in a discipline, the more points they score for the team.

Goal of the Houten Games

​The organization is non-profit and participation in a district team and the disciplines, including watching it, is fully free.

Discipline partners

Houten Games are supported by